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Fundraiser for Nepal
Earthquake Relief

A personal note from Liza:
"As you know not only was Nepal hit with a severe earthquake last month on April 25th & then a 2nd time with the aftershock earlier this week on May 12th causing further devastation to an already tottering region of the world. Though I have not spent time in Nepal I have spent enriching time with the Nepalese and Tibetans living in Northern India during a 5 week stay in McLeod Gang/Dharamsala, the home to his Holiness the Dali Lama way up in the foothills of those overwhelmingly huge and sacred snow-capped Himalayas. Kathmandu is that same kind of spiritual reservoir & these beautiful, gentle & deeply spiritual people who reside in these mountainous regions of our world are directly linked to the Yogic traditions and fabric that have woven into our Western practices, and we continue to learn and grow from them as they share their wealth of wisdom traditions."

Check out this video (less than 5 minutes) from the Sat Nam Foundation for a more visceral connect, and see/hear how this charity is pulling together for Nepal (and do know that nearby Tibet suffered from these earthquakes as well). We hope you will consider joining Kimberly, Hal, Liza, Emrys, Grace & Kate in honoring the thousands who lost their lives as well as those who are injured, are homeless & the valiant relief workers with a donation to show your support. Just $10 will buy a blanket for someone who could really use it right now via the Sat Nam Foundation's relief campaign and as a studio we would love to donate a BUNCH OF BLANKETS!

About the Sat Nam Foundation

Four classes will be fully donated by Riverdog and its teachers --

Sunday 5/17 with Liza
Monday 5/18 with Emrys
Tuesday 5/19 with Grace
Wednesday 5/20 with Kate

You may use your class card to donate if you wish.

Know if you come to a class next week that is not a donation class you can still contribute! Or contribute a couple of times if that feels right! Starting Sunday eve May 17th there will be a donation bowl at the desk area and a brief description about the blanket drive. Feel free to tell friends so they can contribute too, if you wish.

We will send our prayers
and our hearts with every blanket.

Thank you!




The Grand Finale!

All classes are now $12.00. Drop-in, or pre buy as many or as few as you wish. Last day of
classes is July 30th.

A letter to the Riverdog
Community from Kimberly


Parking: Please park on the side or behind the studio. We are getting complaints from the other tenants that their clients and customers are not able to find parking spaces in front of their businesses.


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